Bayern Baltimore
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Full name:

Bayern Baltimore


The Bavarians, The Magpies


To Our Foes We Say 'Nevermore'


Season 1


M&T Bank Stadium




Baltimore, Maryland


Brian Vliet Flag USA

Head coach:

Lothar Osiander Flag GER

First game:

L 2-0 vs. Providence Hope FC (Season 1)

Largest win:

W 2-0 vs. Crossroads FC (Season 1)

Worst defeat:

L 2-0 vs. Providence Hope FC (Season 1)

Top scorer:

Fan groups:

Birdland's Finest, Ravens/Bavarians United, Baltimore's Marching Ravens/"Magpies"


Bayern Baltimore is a founding member of the Continental Premier League.

History Edit

Founding Edit

On December 6, 2010, the Continental Premier League was founded by Brian Vliet. Following this event, two clubs entered into the league, Vliet's club being the third of an overall of ten. Soon after, Brian Vliet would announce that the team would play in Baltimore, Maryland at M&T Bank Stadium. The team's name would later be unveiled as Bayern Baltimore. The name was chosen to pay homage to the city's rich German ancestry, as well as a tribute to their parent club, FC Bayern Munchen. Their colors would come shortly after as the team chose the obvious red and white. But, instead of using blue to compliment it, they would replace it with the same purple currently used by the NFL's Baltimore Ravens. This was done as an homage to the city's most beloved team.

Before Baltimore Edit

Before the league was founded and Baltimore was awarded the club, two other locations were in the running: Richmond, Virginia and Anaheim, California. Originally it was believed that team owner, Brian Vliet was to select Richmond over Baltimore due to his roots in the Virginia. But, after consideration of the markets and their viability, he decided that Baltimore was the most attractive choice.

Season 1 Edit

Shortly before the start of the CPL Inaugural Draft, Lothar Osiander was chosen as the head coach for Bayern Baltimore. He would later assume the role of the team's general manager, as well. When draft day came Osiander selected Hans Bergkamp, a veteran German forward as the club's first pick in franchise history. Hans Bergkamp would eventually be named the club's Captain. In the second round, defender, Rio Desjardins of France was selected and named the team's Vice Captain.

Rivalries Edit

I-95 Invitational Edit

Bayern Baltimore plays for the I-95 Invitational against FC Battalion.

Heritage Classic Edit

Bayern Baltimore plays for the Heritage Classic against CA Real San Diego. The rivalry is named in recognition of the fact that the two squads are named to reflect the ethnic heritage of their respective cities.

Current roster Edit

Number Nationality Position Name
0 Flag USA DF Graig Frisino
1 Flag JPN MF Kerri Tugayo
2 Flag USA GK Joe Christy
3 Flag CAN GK Alan Weaver
7 Flag FRA DF Rio Desjardins[1]
11 Flag CAN MF Stephane Clement
12 Flag USA DF Jerome Campbell
13 Flag ITA FW Angelo Pallet
14 Flag GER FW Albert Schmidt
18 Flag USA MF Byron Hughes
19 Flag GER FW Hans Bergkamp[2]
24 Flag JPN DF Sun-Lee Tsao
25 Flag UK FW Matthew Delicate
29 Flag UK FW Tomas Van Feltzer
31 Flag RUS DF Turkish Mikal
42 Flag UK MF Steven Gerome
45 Flag USA FW Nicholas Barlow
59 Flag CAN MF Jeff Whitney
67 Flag GER FW Maxwell Wulff
91 Flag UK MF Chadwick Hundley

Uniforms Edit

Supporters Clubs and Fight Song Edit

Bayern currently has three supporters clubs: Birdland's Finest, Ravens/Bavarians United, and Baltimore's Marching Ravens/"Magpies". But, in the very beginning there were only two supporters clubs. The Baltimore Ravens marching band would later join in and lend their support to the city's newest soccer club. And during Bayern matches only, they would undergo a name change to Baltimore's Marching "Magpies".

The fight song is based upon the Baltimore Ravens previous anthem which was discontinued in August of 2010. The Baltimore Ravens now use the tune of the old Baltimore Colts fight song, but have slightly altered the lyrics. When Bayern caught wind of the change, team owner, Brian Vliet wanted a fight song. He would approach the marching band and ask if the club may use the Ravens previous fight song tune, but change the lyrics to fit the Bayern mold. The marching band would agree and the song is now known as "The Magpies of Baltimore".

"Flying High, fierce in pride, The goal in our eyes, We're the Magpies of Baltimore.

On dark wings we fly, Honor bound for the sky, Over Maryland we'll always soar.

For Glory we vie, And our town will stand high, To our foes we say "Go Bay-ern!"

'Cause it's FIGHT, FIGHT, With all of our might, For old Baltimore!"


  1. Vice captain
  2. Captain

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